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General e-Books Reader is an extremely powerful tool for Android devices and PC's to find and read latest bestsellers or your favorite books. It makes it easier for you to search for any ebooks you want - truly must-have app for all book lovers!

It provides you with a fast search through millions of books, ranging from the classic literature to modern bestsellers - download for free all of your favorites just in one click! All you've got to know is the book's title to find all the readings you've ever dreamt of. This smarty Android applicaation is able not only to fill your library and discover all desired books hosted in public domain - it can fill your mind with new impressions and inspiration as well!

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Now General e-Books Reader is available for Android. Also available version for Windows PC.

Lately rolled out Desktop Version is just a Beta Testing Version, so one should understand that it has been released to small numbers of people only for testing purposes.

You may try it out right away and help us to improve this software, leaving your feedback on our forum.

If you discover issues that our developers have overlooked, such as spelling errors, confusing app flow or any errors causing the app to crash, let us know, so we can fix all the bugs immediately and release a high-quality app to the general public, increasing our user's satisfaction.

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